About Deepa

Prior to starting Deepa Lashes, beauty veteran Deepa Radhakrishnan had over a decade of experience as a renowned product expert in product development and brand management, working with Fortune 100 corporations, startups, celebrity brands, legendary makeup artists, famous founders and influencers. To date, she has launched over 2,500 well-known products, many of them award-winning and best sellers at major retailers.

The Los Angeles born entrepreneur grew up in fascination of the history of her birth city and the iconic years, cinema and people that shaped it’s legendary reputation.  

As a daughter of immigrants who came to Los Angeles to achieve their American dream, Deepa is also closely tied to her Southern Indian roots.  She effortlessly blends her ancient heritage, Los Angeles upbringing and modern jet-setting, global lifestyle in her brand, both in products and aesthetics of the package design, which is luxuriously old world tied with modern functionality and a bit of cheeky flirtation. 

As a minority brand owner who believes the perfect lashes should cater to everyone, she ensured that her line is inclusive of everyone’s natural beauty and individual features, encompassing styles for all eye shapes, ethnicities and genders.

She is so excited to bring a touch of glamour to all in the easiest way possible with her signature line of Adhesive Liner & Lash Duo kits.  No matter what your lash skill level, these kits are the easiest lash application and will take you all day and into the night, making you feel like the celebrity you are.  Deepa’s mission is to bring effortless, easy glamour to everyone so you feel your best with confidence and ease.