About Us

Looks like mink. Feels like mink. Not mink!  We're the solution to fluffy, gorgeous lashes without harming our furry friends.  PETA approved.

Los Angeles native Deepa created her line to fill a need for luxury, durable yet lightweight lashes that are easy to wear and look effortlessly glamorous.  After spending years searching for the ideal mink alternative, she curated a premium vegan and cruelty-free collection inclusive of everyone’s natural beauty and individual features.  The beauty veteran has over a decade of experience working for beauty corporations and startups, focusing on brand management and product development.

The trend-setting LA born entrepreneur also stays true to her lifelong pursuit of helping humans and animals alike by not only having her company affiliated as a PETA brand partner, but also executing various campaigns with her brand that raise funds for charitable organizations.  In her personal life, she dedicates much of her time to School on Wheels, a non-profit organization that provides tutoring services for homeless children.

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