About Us

Reusable. Glamorous. Seamless. Cruelty-free & Vegan. 

The perfect combination for perfect lashes!

Step into our world of effortless, luxurious lashes you can live your life in.  We promise you won't ever want to take them off.

Located in Los Angeles, the capital for rising beauty brands, Deepa Lashes was started by founder Deepa Radhakrishnan.  Her passion for beauty inspired a life long career within the industry over 15 years ago, as a visionary behind many well known beauty brands. 

Deepa created her line to fill a challenge she often faced - a need for high quality lashes that are lightweight, easy to wear, photograph well and look seamless when applied.  Many of the lashes that fit this description are made of mink fur and she set out to create a line that is vegan and cruelty-free, but without sacrificing product quality, durability and glamour.  She spent years searching for the perfect styles and materials to launch a line of luxury lashes that make each customer look and feel their absolute best. 

We are so excited to share her carefully curated collection with you!

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