Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How many times can I wear the lashes? 

A: If taken care of properly, lashes can be worn several times (even more than 10 in some cases)


Q: How do I know which style is right for my eye shape?

A: The collection is curated so that any style can work on any eye shape, it just depends on how natural or dramatic of a lash you are looking for.  


Q: What are the lashes made of?

A: We are a vegan brand!  Our product is made of 100% synthetic fibers through a recent Korean technology.  They look, feel and act like real mink fur, but without hurting our furry friends.  These lashes are durable, fluffy and curl just like natural hair.


Q: How do I apply them?

A: Visit our Instagram page @shopdeepa for an easy 5 step tutorial video!